Howdy Greyhawk faithful! Just a quick post to remind that next week is Gary Con 2021. Unfortunately it’s virtual yet again due to the pandemic, but the Ethereal version goes on! Registration has already begun, so if you haven’t got your tickets for these virtual games, hurry up before they are all taken. Mind you if your favorite games are all taken, many Greyhawk games will still be streamed live on the conventions dedicated Greyhawk channel. Look for the schedule of events on the Con website. Way to represent! Check out the streams here:

GaryCon Greyhawk

I had intended to go to the physical version of Gary Con this year, and so by converting my badge to the virtual con, I got some nice swag out of the deal. Look here.

The dice are oversized and printed bold for old eyes like mine. There is no d20 though, the 20-sider is actually a double d10. Weird, but okay! The Gary Con tin has a nice set of d6’s. You can never have too many of those. The book Cyclopean Deeps was the bonus item. Every swag box has a different book from what I’ve seen. This one is Cthulhuian, so good to have. The best part is the Dungeoneers Survival Quill. It does it all, writes, stylus, measures, has a built in level, and more I’m sure. Okay that’s for all. Have fun at Ethereal Gary Con, and I’ll chat with you all then!

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