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At the National Retail Federation’s annual trade show, conversations tend to touch on recurring themes: “Will we be able to stock must-have products for next Christmas?,” “What incentives can I offer to loyal workers?” and “What happens to my margins if Susie Consumer purchases three of the same dresses online and returns two?” The $26 Read article >

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Addressing a growing labor crisis among quick-service restaurants, startup Vistry is harnessing AI to automate the process of taking orders. The company will share its story at the NRF Big Show, the annual industry gathering of the National Retail Federation in New York, starting Jan. 16. “They’re closing restaurants because there is not enough labor,” Read article >

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Cutting down the time needed to sequence and analyze a patient’s whole genome from days to hours isn’t just about clinical efficiency — it can save lives. By accelerating every step of this process — from collecting a blood sample to sequencing the whole genome to identifying variants linked to diseases — a research team Read article >

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